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Disabling the Camera Stream And only Displaying the Radar

Disabling the Camera Stream And only Displaying the Radar

I want to display POIs on the Radar and on Google Maps and want to hide the Live Camera Stream VIew. Actually i want to display Google Map instead of Camera Stream View. If i am not wrong then should i disable the Camera Stream View or is there any other possible way to display Google Maps instead of Wikitude's Live Camera Stream?

The radar elemt is part of the AR-View and cannot be used as a stand-alone UI-component. In case you are not even using AR in your project I highly recommend to implement this feature in native Android/iOS manually.

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On the webpage , in "FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE" paragraph, wikitude has written

"Quickly and easily add a fully customized Augmented Reality view to your existing app. With no restrictions placed upon how you use Wikitude?s technology, the sky?s the limit."

So, here i am facing the limitation that AR View is not fully customizable. If the wikitude team can fix this issue for the future then it will be a great feature. And as a developer, i feels that its not an impossible task to separate the customization of Radar Module, Camera Stream Module from Main AR Module. I am looking for positive response from Wikitude team.


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Hi Yasir,


as you correctly stated the Augmented Reality view is fully customizable. We are offering Augmented Reality technology and do not concentrate on a general SDK for UI components. Therefore it is our design decision not to offer a map view or any features related to overlaying on top of a map.


As with almost all things, nothing is impossible, but considered time and resources we feel that our customers using Augmented Reality are better supported when we develop and improve on features directly related to AR.


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