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The Wikitude SDK does not support arm64 architecture. Am i missing something?


You didn't missed anything, currently the Wikitude SDK is not available for arm64.


Best regards




When will it be compatible with arm 64?




We are working on this and hope to offer support for arm64 in the next version. Please stay tuned.

thanks for your answer, can you provide us with an indicative schedule? It's very important for us to have it arm64 compatible.




Hi Pierre,

the next version will have experimental support for arm64 and is scheduled to be released in about 3-4 weeks, depending on the progress we make during integration tests.

My 2 cents is push support for 64 earlier, with issues a greater number of issues, then push again shortly thereafter rather than one larger, more completed push.  Why? because my company upgraded us all to the iPad Air, and i'm dead in the water for now unexpectedly.  This way, I'll hopefully be back up and running, bugs and all with no compaints, faster and I'll have something to show in the meantime..  

The iPad Air has been out for quite awhile now, and if you're messing with AR, you're probably the type of person who's upgraded to the latest hotest.


Thanks, cheers!, - Robbie

Hi Robbie,

the release including arm64 support is scheduled for this week (best case tomorrow). Keep an eye open on the newsletter and the webpage.

Kind regards


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