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iOS Google Maps and Wikitude Bug

iOS Google Maps and Wikitude Bug

I am using Wikitude with Google Maps iOS API.

After using Wikitude Browser Google Maps doesn't render a map. I can't fix this bug since something inside Wikitude trigger a failure in Google Maps API. This is a nightmare for developer. I have this problem for a month.

Mapkit doesn't have this problem but my boss wants to use Google Maps SDK and I can't do anything about that. We gonna create similar app for Android and Android is using Google Maps.

Here are the steps to reproduce the problem

1. Have app with GoogleMaps iOS SDK and Wikitude iOS SDK.
2. Run once Wikitude SDK then go to Google Maps SDK.
3. Google Maps api writes on console "Did not clear context upon block exist"
4. Google Maps doesn't render a map on second try.


I have created stackoverflow thread about this bug.

Here is bug report that I add for Google Maps iOS API. Bug is  Confirmed

I can send code example with this bug. 

Tested your project in an iPad Mini with the newest version of the Google Maps SDK 1.6.

Everything seems to work. So i guess you should update to a newer Google Maps SDK. You are using version 1.5.

It's true.

Bug doesn't appear in Google Maps iOS API version 6.1. 

It's resolved.
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