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problem with wikitude sdk uniqueIdentifier String

problem with wikitude sdk uniqueIdentifier String

hi, i have a problem with Wikitude sdk. itunes reject my app because in a binary file (WikitudeSDK) there is a uniqueIdentifier String.

is possible to have a binary file without uniqueIdentifier String?


Many thanks.


are you using version 2.0 of the Wikitude SDK? This includes a reference to the UDID and will be rejected by Apple. You can use the updated version Wikitude SDK 3.2. We will contact you via email for an upgrade offer.

Kind regards


Thank you so much for your reply.

yes i think is a 2.0.0 sdk but for us now is impossible use the 3.2 sdk because the new logic is completely different.

Our app is a update and is impossible to upgrade all wikitude sdk.

so you have any idea for remove the problem?

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