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AR.Model.onLoading .... AR.Trackable2DObject.onLoading ??

AR.Model.onLoading .... AR.Trackable2DObject.onLoading ??


We are working on a iOS/Android via Phonegap App. We use the AR to track images and display 3D models + animations. All files are stored locally. Our targets are 3 stars.

We noticed that depending on the phone and the w3t file size there is sometimes a delay (from 1 to 3 seconds approx) between the time the app scans the target and the time the app display the model. It's probably somekind of performance issue which is understandable. This delay disappear as soon as the target as been scan onced and the model has been displayed onced. The delay appear on iOS and Android.

The delay itself is not a problem for me however I can't find a way to catch an event when the tracker recognize a target since the "onEnterFieldOfVision" is thrown after the delay happen to display a little loader to provide my users a visual feedback.

Am I missing something?


The slight stutter is currently not avoidable, as the model has to be prepared for rendering (textures and vertex data is uploaded to the GPU). However this only has to be done once per model and should be done right when you create the model (not when it is first visible).

It is possible to react on the fully loaded model by setting the onLoaded trigger of the AR.Model.


new AR.Model("models/my3dModel.wt3", {
     onLoaded: function() {  alert("model loaded successfully"); }

I'm still unsure why you experience the stutter when first displaying the model. If the onLoaded trigger does not help: please let me know how you create your ar scene in detail and/or provide me with the complete world, so I can have a look at it.
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