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Light issues

Light issues

Hi! I've got some problem with my scene lighting. I've read here, blender fails to export a point light in fbx format, however you can use it as ambient light. So you can have an ambient light and a directional light.
But when I try to import a scene in wikitude encoder it fails to import whit an error message or a crash. Any ideas? Or is there a way to have a lighting system a bit less raw than one light source?

Currently only 1 single light source is calculated at runtime for a given 3D mesh part. This is due to computational limits. However since you are probably not dealing with dynamic lighting I would suggest baking the light on the textures from your 3D modelling tool. This would allow you to do 3 point lighting or any other lighting effect that requires more than 1 light.

Regarding the error message when importing. What message is displayed, to investigate the problem a simple 3D model reproducing the crash would help immensly.


I read about lighting issues and solutions on wikitude's forum and I have few questions about lightning and baking light to texture. I have a complexe model with lots of objects and what I tried to do is mapping every part so I can use only 1 png file for the entire model as a texture. By baking light I need to use a second map in the self illumination channel, so here is my question: will wikitude read 1 texture in diffuse map and 1 in self illumination channel? 

Second question: I'm working in 3ds max and I wonder if Standard light like Skylight for GI or omni aren't supported or am I doing something wrong?

I've seen one of your models (a red ferrari) and it has only 1 light called "directional light" on top of it wich apparently doesn't make any shadow, but if I put even 4 opposed directional light I will always have some dark area. 


At the momement only a single texture channel is supported. Therefore baking the light would only work if it is already baked into the uv texture. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the 3d modeling tools to give you instructions on how to do this in a particular tool.

Lights are supported but the effect of only 1 light source is calculated during rendering. This means the light source closest in the scene graph to a particular node is chosen. Ambient light is not affected by this limitation.
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