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Unrelease Devices

Unrelease Devices

Hi, we are developing a geolocalization app for a new device (Unreleased, will be commercialized in December) and after install the SDK, PhoneGap plugging we ran examples an got the message "device not recognized". We also ran in other android devices and examples ran just perfect.

What could be happening here? 

Hi Carlos,

Quite hard to guess the reason. Be aware of the 

Soft- and Hardware requirements of the Wikitude SDK

OpenGL 2.0+

At least normal screen resolution

Android 2.3+



GPS / NW-Positioning

Rear facing camera

This limitation is recommended for Wikitude SDK development but you may customize the AndroidManifest of the Sample Project bundled with the Android SDK and test IR and Geo AR experience on the unreleased device.

Please also have a closer look at the "device not recognized" message. If it is logged in PhoneGap please ask their support team for assistance.

Kind regards,
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