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No Video Support on iOS titanium sample app?

No Video Support on iOS titanium sample app?

Am I missing something or does the Titanium sample app not include video support for pdf page 2 (surfboard guy)?
iOS (Titanium) does support videos, but when checking the sample I just noticed, that the actual code for the sample is missing in the iphone folder.

For you to fix it copy the resources from the Android folder to the iphone folder (described in more detail here)

Copy the following 3 folders from WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/android/assets to WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone

* 6_Video_1_SimpleVideo
* 6_Video_2_PlaybackStates
* 6_Video_4_Bonus-TransparentVideo

Re-build the sample app and you should see videos on iOS. We are looking forward to your feedback!
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