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Start Wikitude Plugin in Landscape

Start Wikitude Plugin in Landscape

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I'm creating an Mobile app that is locked to landscape orientation. When loading the Wikitude Plugin through PhoneGap, the camera view seems to be stretched (locked in portrait mode) and chopped off. The demo splash screen is also chopped off when starting.

If I rotate the device to portrait and then back to landscape the camera view updates and works correctly. Do I need to set a flag when loading the Wikitude plugin to tell it to load in landscape mode instead of portrait mode, and is it possible to lock the view to landscape orientation through the phonegap wikitude plugin settings.

Many Thanks in advanced. 


NOTE: It's just the Camera view that doesn't rotate on startup :)

I am having this issue as well (3 years later!), but can't seem to find a reliable answer for how to fix.

Hello Abraham,

Are you having the exact same issue that Mikey described in his forum or are you experiencing something else? Does this forum post help you with finding the solution?



I am having the same issue. That answer does not help me as I'm working on an iOS app I'm using the JavaScript sdk and the camera view is sideways at launch when the phone is in landscape mode.

Hi Abraham,

The Wikitude Cordova plugin should handle this situation just fine. The line that does the trick is this one. Can you make sure that you have this line as well?

Could you also describe how you force landscape orientation?

Best regards,


This fixed it.

I had it before initializing the ArchitectView.

Moved it to after the init and it's working great.

Thanks for your response.


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