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audio problems

audio problems


We have an application that uses the Sound class, the fact is that it works perfectly with the SDK 2, however, with version 3 SDK, if you click to hear audio, this is no longer ever stops, and you have closed the application for the audio stops. Please help. What has change in the Sound class to make it happen?

this is my code:


    function playSound(url){    
        if (url.charAt(0) != '/')
            url = '/'+url;            
        url = ''+url;
        streamingSound = new AR.Sound(
            url, {
                onError : function() { },
                onLoaded : function(){  },
                   onFinishedPlaying : function() {}
        });       ;        



    function stopSound(){
        if(streamingSound != null){
            streamingSound = null;            



please, help

We are not aware of any problems with the Sound feature. Can you please send us a complete sample and let us know on which platforms you are testing this.

In the meantime have you tried explicitly defining that the Sound should only be played once:
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