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Encoder shadows

Encoder shadows


I'm using Maya2014 to create the content I want to import in the Encoder.

Now I have the problem, that I can't get the DepthMap-Shadows for my Spotlight work in the Encoder.

Is there a problem with the export/import or  is it just not possible to work with DepthMap-Shadows?


Unfortunately depth map shadows are currently not supported. I'll have a closer look at the shadow topic and come back to you with a more detailed answer.

ok, thanks

Sorry for delay. Shadow rendering (including techniques like depth map shadows) is currently not supported because their calculations for rendering are very expensive which implies that rendering frames per second would be reduced. However I put it on our feature wish list and we'll discuss it in the near future. For any kind of new features please watch the release notes of future releases or subscribe our newsletter to be up to date.

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