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"Jumping" 3D models on 2D trackable image

"Jumping" 3D models on 2D trackable image

Hi NIcolas,

I have a 3 star rating image which should track very well but is not recognised by the camera. Am just wondering where i missed something cause by the time i change the marker from the one provided in the sample, it doesnt work anymore


Hi Obari,

after changing the target collection (wtc file), you also need to change the target identifier, i.e. if your target image is named 'pageOne.jpg' then you need to specify the target ID 'pageOne' when creating the AR.Trackable2DObject.

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "pageOne", {    drawables: {       cam: overlayOne    } });


Can you please check if that target ID is set properly?

Best regards,


Hi, Nicolas,

I tried what u suggested but it did not work. I have uploaded the js file i am using and the images I converted to .wtc format

Please i really need this to be sorted and would appreciate your help




I had a quick look at your targets and code.

The targets are suited for image recognition and will work all right.

In your video.js file you have defined the target ID to be "pageOne" on line 53 wich does not match the target name that you provided in your target collection (wtc file).

Like described in my post above you have to change the target ID on line number 53 to either "imageone" or "try" (matching the provided target names imageone.JPG or try.jpg) depending on which one you want to be recognized. It will work all right then.







Thanks for your quick response.

I'd like to clearify some things. I have an image named try.jpg which I converted to which I intend to use as the target to show the video. 

Which of these names am I to use to replace the pageOne in the code right now? I tried using try and best but it didn't work.

Or is it the name of the video that I am supposed to use?




when creating an AR.Trackable2DObject you have to specify which specific target in your target collection you want to track by specifying its target ID.

The target ID is the image's filename minus the extension, i.e. if your target image is called " imageone.JPG" the according target ID will be "imageone".

In your particular case you would have to edit the video.js on line 53 and replace the reference to "pageOne" with "imageone". It should work all right then.


Hope that helps.




Hi Nicolas,

I am sorry for insisting so much on something that seems so simple but I have tried the solution you gave but the camera is still not recognizing the target image. In my case, I have try.jpg and and the video file.

Is there some place where you can explain this on a more better note for me, I would really appreciate that.


Hello Nicolas , i tried the video sample provided by wikitude , it worked fine but am kinda havin the same problem as Obari, when i change the wtc file, the video isn't triggered, i followed the steps u gave to Obari and still stuck at the same place,, ..thanks for the help..



To be able to help you out, please provide me the following details:


- which platform (Android, iOS) are you using and which version?

- which device are you testing on?

- which developer tools are you using (Eclipse, Xcode, PhoneGap, Titanium etc)?

- which version of SDK are you using?

- which target images are you trying to detect?


If possible, please also provide the java script code you are using.


Best regards,




Thanks for your help Nicolas

OH i made it work..thanks...

Hi Obari, ibrahimasank,


I am glad that I was able to help you out.


To help other developers remedy similar issues, please let me know

 - what was the concrete cause of the issue you experienced and

- which particular steps did resolve it?


Thanks for your cooperation.


Best regards,


The cause of my issue was I did not specify the particular image ID to the Trackable2DObject. I was folowing the example and missed the fact that var pageOne as a variable has to be linked to the image i intend to track.

The solution is to input the name of the image minus the format i.e var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DOject (tracker "imageone,...") where imageone.jpg is your intended target image.

Hey Nicolas,

Could you test two more images in the optimized target manager and let me know if they are 3 stars? We're continuing to tweak our target designs for the app.


Sooner the new target manager is released the sooner I can start testing myself without bugging you ;)


Hi Boston,


no problem bugging me - the new target management tool will be released shortly :)


Both of your targets are tracking very well, the REVISED_RV_WALKER_TEST_1C is a bit better (3 stars) than REVISED_RV_WALKER_TEST_2C (2 stars).

I created a target collection containing both targets at


Best regards,


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