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How to get camera object from architectView?

How to get camera object from architectView?

I want to call camera.takePicture() on the camera object in the view.   I understand that architectView has a function called .getDrawingCache() that I have tried and it always returns null.    is there a way to get the bitmap showing both the view of the camara and the augmented reality image together?

I don't want to use a screenshot because it will show other things outside of the view like the boarder of the activity screen that surrounds the view.

It looks like the architectView uses Android camera class object because in wikitude documentation is says that I must release the camera object if another activity is using it before starting the architectView object.

If this is true then how can I get this instance of the camera object that is used by the ArchitectView?   Notice that in the Java code there is no instance of the Android camera object made.





Hi Kevin,

You may make a snapshot of ARView with or Without the Webview. We do not offer a interface to the Camera as such since the camera frames are rendered in our own openGL scene.
You may adjust the mentioned view boders before calling snapshot and reset them after picture was taken.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

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