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I/ArchitectWebView(24253): Image (5): Format not suppor

I/ArchitectWebView(24253): Image (5): Format not suppor

It is not for me to decide your politics.

Still, Gif is used in HTML contents. So scrapping the web can be a pain now.

If I were you, I will reinclude GIF. I also love PNG but world is not perfect.

About the new SDK; it works much much better with 3d reloading models (with 3.1 won't show a model with a reloaded scenario) and seems to work faster too.

So, thanks a lot for the explanation.

Hope this helps.

We switched to a more flexible and robust resource caching and image loading. With this transistion we also dropped support for GIF as the preferred image formats are PNG and JPEG.

I suggest to convert them to PNG. If you feel the GIF support should be added in a future SDK version please let us know why other formats are not an option for your usecase.



Since wikitude 3.2 SDK its giving me I/ArchitectWebView(24253): Image (5): Format not supported when trying to load a GIF file.

Have you dropped GIF support?

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