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Problem with font after running AR

Problem with font after running AR


I have some problem with font on my application

i want to test POI but sometime is look like this

and when return to main menu it's look like this

I don't known why.

How can I solve this problem?

Hi there!

Please have a look at latest Wikitude SDK and let me know if issue still occurs and post details about your device and OS version.

Kind regards,

Did you manage to fix this?

I got same problem, it hapens when i go from AR activity to Google Maps activity and then return back to AR

Wikitude 3.2, SGS4, Android 4.2.2


I have try again but look like it's still not work even use  lastest SDK (3.2)

My Device : Galaxy Nexus

Android Version : 4.3


for me it hapenns when I start another activity without finishing AR activity and then, when I close this new activity and return to AR actibity fonts are broken

workaround I currently use is to finish AR activity after starting new activity, and start new AR activity on destroying this new activity 

Hi there!

Please note that currently only one ARchitectView is supported on activity stack. You must not e.g. launch ARchitectView, open another Activity and launch another Activity.

However - Under certain circumstances font-rendering issue, which is openGL related, can occur during fast switch between other openGL Activities/Fragments. In case you e.g. switch between mapview and camview within same Activity and run Android 4.2+ you may have rendering issue when pressing homebutton or lock the screen.
We'll a closer look an will fix this in next update.

Kind regards,

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