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Starting SamplePoidataFromNativeActivity

Starting SamplePoidataFromNativeActivity

Hi , After about a year I wanted to do an application with wikitude again . I wanted to do a sample application and use and modify the WikitudeSdkSamples project . I wanted to launch SamplePoidataFromNativeActivity from my main activity by simply call the intent : 

Intent firstActivity = new Intent(myMain.this, SamplePoidataFromNativeActivity.class);



but I get error after I try to go to this activity in the app . is it because it needs parameters or is there any detailed explanations on native codes? most of the tutorials were focused on ARchitect world and javascript side . 

I'll appreciate if you can help me with this . 

thanks so much



Quite hard do find the problem, knowing that the sample application set-up is working.
I like to wild guess some possible issues during your set up process:

Ensure all Activities are defined in your Manifest.xml

Permissions have to be set

Your device may not be supported by Wikitude SDK (openGL 2.0+, rear camera, compass in place? ArchitectView.isDeviceSupported returns true?)

Use same targetSDK and minSDK as in Sample Application

Besides that please double check & compare your project with the sample app implementation & post your error log / stack-trace here in case nothing helps.

Kind regards,


Thanks so much. you're right it's hard to find the problem with my explanation . We debugged it and it worked. Wikitude has a very well explained tutorial on Javascript part of the sdk but I think it will be good to have an explained tutorial on the native part too , or adding more explaining comments on the code.

thanks again for your great sdk.

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