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Manually set Userlocation

Manually set Userlocation


I was wondering if its possible to set the Userlocation of wikitude manually. Currently I have the Problem that I set the altitude of POIs manually, to put them a little higher when they lie in the same direction. Now the Problem is, that the incoming high accuracy informaition puts the useres altitude to a different level so my POIs move down.

Im looking for a solution of setting the users altitude to 0 even if PhoneGap gives back other values.

kind regards,


Hi Alexander,

Please have a look at the, ensure


is always called with 3 params architectView.setLocation(lat, lon, accuracy == null ? 1000 : accuracy.floatValue), that way altitude information is never passed to ARchitect and POI altitude is always on user level.

To properly implement the "increase altitude of POI depending on distance" simply always pass altitude "0" to the architectView in

architectView.setLocation(lat, lon, 0, accuracy == null ? 1000 : accuracy.floatValue)

Kind regards,


PS.: We'll soon publish update of the Plugin & provide some improvements of the overall usage. Stay tuned - it will be available on github within the next 2 weeks

How can i do the same for ios? is it InjectLocation?
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