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Altitude parameter

Altitude parameter


I am having some problems with the altitude parameter. I have implemented my own function and I call GeoLocation as follows "var markerLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(latitude, longitude, altitude);". I always give the same value to altitude parameter: 0. What I want is my AR object to be placed in the center, I don't want the user to look up or down to see it.

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

In case you want to show information right in front of the user, please use a HTML-div if you want if shown always on screen or AR.RelativeLocation so you can place e.g. a marker 2m to the North of the Users current position.

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Hi again,


According AR.GeoLocation do not use the altitude value or use the AR.CONST.UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE value to tell ARchitectView that you always want to show it same altitude as the user is.

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Thanks Andreas. I want the object to be placed in the same altitude as the user, I mean, I don't want the object to be always visible, I want it to be visible when the user looks at that direction (where the object is). My problem is that I don't know what value should have the "altitude" parameter in the method "AR.GeoLocation(latitude, longitude, altitude);". I have read another message from you where you say that if you don't pass altitude parameter to the method it should work. I am going to try and i will tell you.

Thank you!


Perfect! Going to try.

Thank you!!!!

It seems that it's working now! Sometimes it dissapears but it could be due to other error, we are going to study it.

Thank your very much Andreas!


I also have the problem regarding the altitude. The locations, which are near to each other, their displayed markers overlap. That is, one of the labels to be displayed disappears behind the other message label. Can you guide me through this?



You can specify offsets in both x and y direction for drawables to move them away from there original geo location. In case you're designing something like a marker that is composed of multiple drawables and two such markers behave strangely (overlap) when showed at the same position, you can group them together be setting the zOrder property to a common value (a common value for one such marker). This way only all the drawables of marker A or B are shown together and hide the other.

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