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Android SDK Sample Application

Android SDK Sample Application

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How to communicate with javascript (HTML) content in sample application which is coming with Android SDK (I observe only callJavascript method, How I observe html js file to change it?) 
. I am confused about place of html file. Is html content served on a server or on phone? 



Keep in mind that the Wikitude SDK is not a native Android SDK as you know from other SDK's. The basic concept is to add a so called architectView in your project and notify it about lifecycle events. ThearchitectView creates a Camera-Surface and handles sensor events. The experience itself, named ARchitect World, is implemented in JavaScript and packaged in your application's asset-folder (as in this project) or on your own server. ARchitectWorlds are written in HTML/JavaScript and call methods in Wikitude'sAR-namespace (e.g. AR.GeoObject).

while I searching I find my answer on

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