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POI is not render accordingly

POI is not render accordingly

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We'll very soon provide phonegap samples for your use-case.
In the meantime please ensure to use "AR.CONST.UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE" (comapre docu) as a poi altitude in case you want places being shown on user's altitude.

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I'm able to launch Wikitude POI sample using my Android phone. I have tried to create my own WCF to retrieve geolocation data. Whenever I retrieve my own geolocation data, the marker will not display on my screen. But, if I use the geolocation data from the sample itself, markers will show on my screen.

I'm sure that, my $.ajax able to get my own geolocation data. But not able to display it. How do I verify that? Display all the geolocation data I have retrieved on the phone screen. Next, what I did is

Display my current geolocation on my phone screen (Latitude: 3.1229609, Longitude: 101.6345425)

Use my browser to confirm again my geolocation

Instead of render all the markers from the data retrieved from wikitude, I hardcoded only 1 geolocation data which available from the sample data. (Marker 1, "longitude":"0.045","latitude":"0.056")

I hardcode another geolocation which is nearest to me. (Marker 2, Latitude: 3.116562, Longitude: 101.646538)

Only Marker1 being rendered on my screen. Regardless how or where I move my phone camera to, i still couldn't find Marker2.

I'm wondering, is wikitude POI location same as geolocation in google maps?

Or is it because due to trial version?

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Try assigning a function to the onLocationChanged trigger and output the current location. This is the location used by the WikitudeSDK.

AR.context.onLocationChanged = function(lat,lon,alt,acc)
{ alert("lat: " + lat + ", lon: " + lon };

Additionally you can check if the correct location is reported by setting a breakpoint in Java code atAbstractArchitectCam's anonymous LocationListener class' onLocationChanged method.

Marker 2 won't show up if the location is too far away (which it appears to be as Marker 1 is visible).

Can I know "too far away" is how far?

By the way, I couldn't find LocationListener.

Where is it located in the sample?

It is around Line 75 in AbstractArchitectCamActivity

the default culling distance for POIs is 50 km and POIs further away won't be visible. It can be changed with the AR.scene.cullingDistance property. However setting this to an arbitrary large number will have an impact on rendering accuracy!

I couldn't find any java files except and under src folder.

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