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Tracker is not working

Tracker is not working

I have able to launch the IR example in my phone.

By referencing this link, I would like to augment the 2nd image. Here is the steps of how I did it, but the tracker is not working for the 2nd image.

Download the image (image2.png)

Go to target manager, create a project, and upload the image2.png

Check the uploaded image2.png to generate target collection (named it as

Download the, copy paste into assets folder in the wikitude example.

in the imagerecognition.js, I only change the tracker pointing to assets/ The rest is remain unchanged.

Here are the code


this.tracker = new AR.Tracker("assets/", {

onLoaded: this.worldLoaded


var imgOne = new AR.ImageResource("assets/imageOne.png");

var overlayOne = new AR.ImageDrawable(imgOne, 1, {

offsetX: -0.15,

offsetY: 0


var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "pageOne", {

drawables: {

cam: overlayOne




My question 1 : Did i miss out some step?

My question 2: If my target collection has 10 images, and each image has different things to show, how can it be done when the tracker detects imageA, then it will augment childAImage?


Besides changing the path to the tracker file. You will have to change the target names of the Trackable2DObjects. Each Trackable2DObject represents a single image target in target collection by referencing it by the target name.

We ship an example of how to define multiple image recognition targets with our SDK. Please have a look at the SDKExample included in the SDK package.
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