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Sample app doesn't show anything

Sample app doesn't show anything



Thanks again for the response. I have tried the Fake GPS as suggested by you with no luck! I downloaded the app, started it, clicked on the Set Location button (didn't know what it did internally) and then started the SDK sample's Browsing POI application. As earlier, it said 'JSON objects loaded peoprly', but no POIs showed up in the camera view.

Just FYI - I have already tried putting alert statements in onLocationChanged in multiple places till the end (even before I tried the Fake GPS solution). All of them showed up properly.

So, just to clarify - I have tried all options that are known to me - with SIM, without SIM, with WIFI, GPS, Fake GPS - none worked on this device which is a brand new Karbon device.


K. Ramesh

Hi Ramesh,

Please have a look at the very latest SDK Samples app (version 3.2).
The issue you describe appears to be cullingDistance related. In case your places are more than 50km away you need to update cullingDistance in JS or native code. 
Latest Sample application also does not use any altitude information anymore so markers will appear on user level by default.

Kind regards,
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