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Problem in image Recognition

Problem in image Recognition

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I am new to wikitude sdk .I am trying sample examples for android by replacing images to be recognized by  another image (In image recognition sample).But image is not getting recognized .

Please help!!!



can you let us know more about your project set-up and how you are testing:

- Which phone are you using for testing?
- Is it working with the original sample app and the target images included?
- Did you generate a new target collection file?
- Where are you hosting this and how are you referencing this file?
- How well does your target image track? How many stars did it get, in the target management tool? Have you checked the Best practice guide for target images?



I am testing on micromax canvas sd.It is working properly with  original sample app and target images.I have generated new target collection file of my images in target manager.My image rating is having 2 stars and image pixel resolution is 1000pixels.Is it problem of licence sdk key.I am trying free version of wikitude sdk.



the free trial version is working with full featuers enabled, except that you have a watermark across the screen. Can you explain how you included your target collection file into your app? What should happen, when the image is recognized? Did you modify an included sample?
I have uploaded image using image target manager . Then I downloaded .wtc file of target collection .Actually I am trying 2 samples .For one of the sample after recognizing image image with buttons should display.And in second one After recognizing target image one 3D model is to be display.I have modified the included sample given in wikitude studio.

I am trying to make .apk file for android .

Can you copy the code for referencing your .wtc file here.


Sorry for late reply.Due to some technical problem I was not able to reply.

Here I  have attached code for referencing .wtc file

Thanks a lot.

Now it's  working.
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