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Can I get my location from Wikitude?

Can I get my location from Wikitude?

I have a question.

Can I get my location from Wikitude using javaScript and Objective-C.

I am using IOS.

Locaction Manger from IOS doesn't give my exactly spot.

I am using Wikitude to show graphic on place where I stand.

After that I want to save my location.


Please have a look at our SDK examples. "Obtain Poi Data From Webservice" uses the AR.context.onLocationChanged callback to receive any location update in JS. You can then pass the latitude/longitude/altitude/accuracy to ObjC using the architectsdk:// protocol. Simply call e.g. document.location = architectsdk://locationDidChange?latitude=34&longitude=45&altitude=56&accuracy=1. Don't forget to set the WTArchitectView delegate in ObjC and implement the onUrlInvoke method declared in the WTArchitectViewDelegate Protocol to receive the architectsdk url invoke. You can then parse the latitude/longitude/altitude/accuracy from the given url.


Best regards


2013-09-05 03:54:19.637 ARchitect is running with version: 3.0.0

2013-09-05 03:54:21.338 > didUpdateLocations: <+52.19177066,+20.86745806> +/- 65.00m (speed -1.00 mps / course -1.00) 

2013-09-05 03:54:21.386  architectsdk://locationDidChange?lat=52.1918&long=20.8675&alt=117.089&acu=2


Looks like ArchitectView is round up my locaction. 


I will my mark your answer but I need to check if Wikitude works correctly.


I start to hating magic of GPS.
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