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Error after viewing POI details

Error after viewing POI details


I've found a bug after viewing poi details. I don't have problems viewing the activity where are the poi details, but going back to other activities, the background color goes to black. It only happends in some devices (4.1 on).

The poi details activity includes a google map (from android google maps api v2) that uses a surfaceView, and maybe it is the cause of the issue. Could be the problem? There is a workaround for this?


Thank you

Which version of the SDK are you using? Is the issue reproducible with the latest version (3.1)?

Please also have a look at the SDK Examples and how the lifecycle is handled there. If your app differes in any way please try the suggested way as demonstrated in the examples.

If all fails and the problem still persists: Can you provide us with an android project that shows the problem? This would make it a lot eaiser to reproduce the issue on our side and to quickly resolve it.

Hi there,

I have the same problem. I'm using html drawables. And the problem occures only if i get back from the detailsactivity to ar activity. Then, when i get back to the main activity i have problem.

On Samsung galaxy s+ with android 2.3.3 everything works like expected

On Galaxy Nexus S with Android 4.1.2, color of the tabs is black.

On Galaxy S4 is even more worse. Font just crash.

I'm using latest wikitude jar, and copy the BaseArchitectActivity so everything is handled like in the sample.

Hi there!

Could you please double check your AndroidManifest settings (targetSDK, Activity properties, lice-cycle handling...).
Ideally you can provide us the modified Android Sample Code and send it via e-mail to "android AT wikitude DOT com", Subject "Error after viewing POI details"

Thanks in advance for your help.


The problem is solved with the new Wikitude 3.2
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