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Where should I start?

Where should I start?

I want to make application using by wikitude sdk. Where should i start?


I would suggest you just download the SDK and start with exploring the sample app. The documentation section provides very detailed step-by-step guides to set up everything. For further details also have a look at our knowledge base and the forums threads.




hi ,

i am also started to bulid AR app but i faced some problems if you may help me i want any way to connect with you.

thank you

Hi Asma,

What is your problem?



hi Nicola

we can't solve this error and we tried many solutions in the internet but it doesn't work.

Seems that you have to update your phonegap installation. We require PhoneGap 3.3, updated documentation for 3.4 will follow within the next days.
When you search the forum, you will find another thread, discussing the same problem.

Best regards

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