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Dont work iphone 4

Dont work iphone 4

Hi, i try to test Wikitude SDKExamples in my XCODE 4.6

When i run in my iphone 4 build succeded but when i try to recognition any example nothing happend.

Do you have any bug with iphone 4?? i try with android and all work fine.

Thanks for your support.




the iPhone 4 does not have enough computational power that the user experience is good enough. Have a look at the supported devices list in our iOS documentation


So, for iphone 4 what solution exist?? nothing in Wikitude work with this iphone??

i found tutorials for iphone 4 but with old version the wikitude.

What i can do?? becouse i need to buy the tool only if this work to iphone 4 to.



geo-related features of the Wikitude SDK work perfectly with the iPhone 4; For image recognition purposes the phone is not powerful enough.

Kind regards
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