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iOS Possible Crash when leaving wikitude view. Doesn't work on second time

iOS Possible Crash when leaving wikitude view. Doesn't work on second time

Hi Tran,
Is your view controller deallocated when you navigate to a different one? Maybe the WTArchitectView is not releaed because the view controller is still alive.

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what do you mean by "solved". Could you please explain how it was solved? I'm also experiencing this problem for quite some time. I cannot figure out why I still get the crash regarding "multiple SDK allocations". I only have weak reference to WTArchitectView... and there is also no blocks that could retain instances of it. I'm really out of ideas...


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Looks like the issue was solved.

Thanks Andreas Schacherbauer

Hi Cezary,

We received your mail and also respond already.

Please be patient until we figured out whats the problem. You will receive an answer as soon as we found the issue!

Best regards


I have sent app to (Subject: CrashInStoryboard)

Project just contains two views.

I used some Xcode tools to find memory leaks but I didn't find anything . Wikitude just crash.

Wikitude also crashes on jumps between foreground, background state.

On those states Wikitude is paused and resumed.

Looks like something wierd is happening when Wikitude is paused. 

I really out of ideas you are my only hope.I can give descriptions of code that I just send. This is important to me.


why are you trying to remove your ViewControllers directly from the array of stacked ViewController? It seems a litte odd to me.

Have a look at our SDK Example application how you properly deal with multiple ViewController. If you are using Storyboards, you don't have to deal with the ViewController management at all. Simply start/stop the WTArchitectView whenever the repsonsible ViewController will appear/disappear.


Best regards


I think will you  need your help. App stil is crashing and I don't why.

I thought I solved problem but I didn't.


This code solved issue with second run of Wikitiude. I guess I should read some tutorials about "view container"  before writing this post.

IOS doesn't do magic for me. 

About random crash problems. I know that Wikitude must not existing on navigation stack. You must always navigate back on Wikitude view.

Crash occurs because somewhere instance of architect View still exist and ACR don't do magic.

I "think" I am deleteing "all" instances of my variables for sure.

I "think" I solved that issue too.

Guys you need more tutorials. Crashing isn't caused by Wikitude but lacks of IOS tutorials, examples and scenarios  (view contanier and storyboard)


It would be perfect if you could send me a Xcode project, where the issue occurs, to (Subject: CrashInStoryboard).


Best regards


My app crashes randomly (not every time) when leaving a wikitude view. 

I am running the wikitude version 3.0 API on IOS 6.1. Here are screenshots of errors.

Looks like Wikitude is not closed correctly but I definitely stopping Wikitutde even before "viewWillDisappear" event.

I am trying to stop Wikitude many times just to be sure but crashes still occurs.

I thought maybe I forgot something but "-Obj-C" flag is in my project.

Maybe there is problem with Wikitutde because I am using "view containers". Wikitude is inside ViewContainer.

I have created  similar app without ViewContainer and the problem is the same.

Even if Wikitude didn't crash after navigation back there is another problem. On second try Wikitutde doesn't render POI points and compass is stuck but everything else seems fine.

I have 5 days to fix this bug and I running out of ideas. Do you have some example of using Wikitude with "storyboard" and "View Containers".

I don't want to create a crazy app with Wikitude that is always hiding but exist - and then is showed like some kind singleton ViewController. I don't have time to write that.

I don't understand how you Wikitude "just works" on your example project. Navigation back doesn't hurt anything.  I tried recreate my app using your example as a copy  but it is too difficult.

We going to buy license for Wikitude but right now we need  show working app for our clients.

We also using Wikitude on Android but there is no problem. I have a problem because I am working on IOS version of our app.

I am open to any crazy suggestion to fix this bug that is definitely somewhere in my code.

On this forum I am think I founding similar issues to mine.

But then again how I can kill architectView for sure. I am using ARC. Looks like removeFromSuperview does nothing.

I am creating Wikitude on "ViewDidLoad"  event inside child ViewController. On event "ViewWillAppear" my architectView is showing white background.

Sorry for my English.

If I created this thread in wrong place please move it.
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