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Find a conact (chat)

Find a conact (chat)

Hi all, I need a little help understanding resien estoi porfabor augmented reality and developing this.

I am seeing the Possibility of a contact Find a Nose chat Augmented Reality If They Could by Geotag, geoloclisacion.

but to find a contact for a chat and obviously is displayed in real time.

thank you very much! : D

Hi Moises!

I am not quite sure what you like to implement but please have a look at the provided sample app and the documentation.
You can e.g. request location of friends' places in your own web-service and show them in AR-View as markers and let user chat on a separate website outside camview when pressing a "chat"-button.

Unfortunately we do not provide any API for places or persons nearby or even an in-built chat client.

Kind regards,
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