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World dont load

World dont load

Hi there,

I'm developing at the moment an app that uses AR to show some POI around town. I already used Wikitude for my Phonegap Android app and everything worked like it was supposed to.

Now I wanted to port my application to iOS and after successfully have run the sample code I'm stuck. My application don't load my AR world, everytime I try to lauch the world the app goes to the worldFailedLaunching.

I'm using Sencha Touch, but that was not a problem in my Android app. I already tried everything and this is driving me crazy.

Some info: my Sencha Touch project is inside a www folder and my world is inside a resource folder that is in the www so the path to the world is resources/arworld/HelloWorld.html. Already tried resources/arworld/HelloWorld.html and www/resources/arworld/HelloWorld.html and nothing worked.


PS: The set up of the project is fine because I only copied my www folder and overwrite the one in the sample code.

PPS: I'm using phonegap 2.9 and the latest Wikitude SDK and phonegap plugin

I am also experiencing this issue.

Is sencha really had something to do with this, Ill be glad to know the answer :(

Hi there!

Have you already tried the provided sample app on your devices.
In case it works properly the mentioned 3rd party library may cause the issue.

Kind regards,
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