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Animated model crashes library

Animated model crashes library

Hi !

Could you explain me why this animated model (see attached files) crashes the library when used?

When using Wikitude Studio then load within Wikitude App the app stops responding. Same behavior than inside my app.

The behavior doesn't appears on loading, but when the model must be shown in the screen.

Everything seems to be good inside Wikitude 3D Encoder.


PS: spider_3.rar contains the FBX model with texture and spider.wt3 is the resulted model from Wikitude 3D Encoder.


I guess the reason is because your 3d model is much too big. Wether you scale it down in the Wikitude Studio or you scale down the original model. 

Hope that helps,

With large and small models, the problem persists. Crashes appears with specific models only and on the Android device only. We're trying to understand why some models work and not others but nothing seems to be clear.


By the way, our 3D designer gets headaches with how animations are managed by Wikitude 3D Encoder. Sometimes we obtain completely stretched bones (with FBX files only) or Z axis problems. For instance the model doesn't move in the Z axis (DAE and FBX files). That causes a model to "sit down" in the air. So strange.


Do you have a manner to manage animations for being nice accepted by the encoder ? We're using 3dsmax.


My company is searching about a good Augmented Reality library that manages 3D models for projects involving augmented book and geolocation-based games. The animations feature is a nice benefit of your library and we will sure choice it if it works without a lot of pain.

Ok we figured out how we got "Fatal signal" when using some models with specific animations.

So, if you get the same problems, here's a caveat for solving your issue :

Wikitude doesn't take in account links specified in 3dsmax. This causes stretched bones to appear or buggy models when inside the Android Wikitude SDK that causes a Fatal signal to appear.


So you must do a "master bone" for your model then let all others bones to be attached to this master bone.


sorry for the first reply, it was not really related to the topic and I guess I was somewhere else with my thoughts. I could reproduce the crash of your model on iOS and Android. Thank you for the files and for sharing the workaround and we make sure to include it into the documentation. For sure we want to fix this bug but since it is a more complex bug it takes more time and cannot be fixed immediately. We really appreciate your valuable feedback.

Thank you,
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