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Details about model animations

Details about model animations

Hello !

Thanks for your awesome new version of Wikitude SDK. Animations rocks!

But we have problems to make 3D models with a lot of animations.

We have one single object that must have a lot of animations. Infortunately that doesn't work as we expected.

In the example noticed here it's possible to make 1 animation for one group of objects and 1 animation for another group of objects.

Is it possible to make different animations linked to the same object ? For instance an object with 3 linked animations "Dance", "Walk" and "Run".

In other words : One single object with 3 animations linked that composes a complete 3D Model. Is it possible?

And one last question : Are BIPED animations supported ?


What you are looking for are animation clips. Currently they are not supported but please check the release notes of our future releases. As soon as we support animation clips you need to export them in such a way that you bake all animations to one animation in such a way that "Dance", "Walk" and "Run" will be animated one after another. Unfortunately this is not supported in the current SDK release.

To answer your second question, I guess you mean joint animations with biped animations. Joint animations are supported.

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