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Problem in iOS with <WikitudeSDK/WTArchitectView.h>

Problem in iOS with

check whether you have embedded WikitudeSDK or WikitudeNativeSDK. If you have embedded WikitudeNativeSDK then <WikitudeSDK/WTArchitectView.h> will produce error

Hi Andreas

I just make a copy of this file.
The WTArchitectView.h original is in the original place, inside os Headers folder.

Another problem... I put the objective-c code showen on this page , entitled "Integrate the SDK into your application"... in my MainViewController.m file of my project. But the Xcode shows "alerts" (reed points with exclamation mark) that say "Unexpected interface name 'WTArchitectView': expected expression".
Do you know what can I do? How can I solve this problem?

Thank you somuch for your attention. 


How did the header file came outside of the .framework folder? You should not manipulate the content of the WikitudeSDK.framework folder. A .framework is configured to work as a unit and you don't have to change anything. Just add the .framework as described in the documentation and Xcode is able to find the header file.


Best regards


Hi guys!

I'm trying to import the <WikitudeSDK/WTArchitectView.h> on my AppDelegate.h in Xcode, but appears a message saying "file not found"...
How can it be possible, if the path is correct! Look at the image below:

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