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HDU ? SDU ? ViewportWidth ?

HDU ? SDU ? ViewportWidth ?

Hi all,

Is anybody can explain me HDU, SDU, ViewPortWidth (HTMLDrawable) ? And How can I calculate this measures ?

In fact, when I put multiple HTML drawable in my world, the HTML is so big ...  

Moreover, even thought I put "updateRate:AR.HtmlDrawable.UPDATE_RATE.STATIC,", the HTML move constantly (jiggers ?)

How can I resolve this ?


Best Regards

Thibault Morelle


for layouting htmldrawables correctly please have a look at this page Layout HtmlDrawables.

Every content inside the AR View is specified in SDUs which relates to the size of an object in the real world. Since objects further away would be extremely small compared to near objects, objects are scaled up. If you don't like the rate at which objects loose size with distance from the user you can change the default settings with AR.context.scene.* (see api reference for more details).

The viewport of an HtmlDrawable is basically the size in pixel the html content has available to be rendered. See the above link for more details.

As for the jiggers, we fixed htmldrawables and have this fix available as part of our next update. Please stay tuned.

Hi Wolgang,

Thanks for your reply, it's exactly what I searched :) Now, I reach my objective :)

Do you know the release date of next sdk update ? 



Thibault Morelle

(Sorry for my newbies questions ... )


you're welcome and the forum is here for all your questions :)

The SDK update is planned for early September. We'll announce it through the newsletter and website once it is ready.
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