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[HELP]My sample app does not work on my Android phone

[HELP]My sample app does not work on my Android phone


I downloaded the latest Wikitude SDK and installed the examples to my phone.

I tried some of examples and they are working fine.

I develop a test app with the help of getting started guide and

but when I run my app it does not show AR graphics.

I think I followed all the required steps in the guide but no success(not even specific error message exists)

I uploaded my test app to

Can somebody look and show me where I am doing wrong.

I am running Android 2.3.6 on my Samsung Galaxy Ace


Hi there!
Maybe you already found the problem. AIthough I didn't find the time to scroll through your source-code in detail, please check your Manifest definitions. Maybe the easiest way is to ether wipe away all features you don't need from the SDKSample project of to double-check system set-up. Also start with a very simple AR-implementation that e.g. shows alert-box in JS onLocation callback. After this very basic set-up is working start adding new AR features after another and ensure your JS syntax is correct. With "ade.js" (part of tools-folder in SDK bundle)  you can then develop the Experience in your desktop-environment and see the attributes of AR.Objects you created.

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