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API KEY seems to be not working

API KEY seems to be not working

?Hi! Like 10 months ago I bought 2 licence keys for the Wikitude SDK. We already developed the iOS version of our APP and it's working very nice. Today we finally completed the Android version and when we tested the key our APP crash. If I use a empty string it works as usual with the trial mode. ?What can I do? ?it's normal if both keys (Android & iOS) are exactly the same?



Hi Daniel,

If you're using the SDK version 3.0 with the license key you purchased for a lower SDK version. 

you basically have two options

-) use the version of the SDK which you originally purchased the license for. Your key works with this version, but is lacking the latest fixes and improvements and where we are not providing any engineering support anymore.

-) Buy an upgrade to the current version 3.0. Existing customers get a discount of -50% on the regular SDK price (

Please contact us via sales(at) and provide us with the details to your app (package name) and your prefered option.




Hi Nicola,

I sent you a email but I'm not sure if you got it. I did a review and I noticed that my key it's from the Wikitude SDK v1. I'm actually facing two issues:

1.- I can't find the links for the Android Wikitude SDK v1. I would appreciate if you can provide it to me.

2.- I'm getting rejected my iOS APP because the Wikitude SDK v1 is using the depreciated UUID for tracking and I'm unable to use the v2.0.1 SDK with my current API Key. I understand that you are not supporting the v1 and even the v2, but actually the UUID was depreciated oficially a lot of months before I purchased the api key :(

I would love if you could respond me as soon as posible, specially because my client wants published their apps.


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