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Camera Orientation on Galxy Tab

Camera Orientation on Galxy Tab



I have a big Issue with the wikitude SDK on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The camera-view is totally wrong, it is rotated so I can't capture anything.

It doesn't matter if it is in landscape or portait mode. In both cases, I look directly on the bottle and it looks like I'm rotated...


I tried to rotate the architectView, but no success.

Do you have any idea, what's going wrong?

I attached two screenshots of what i mean.


kind regards 


Same problem here on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Hi there!

I had a look at your issue and there is indeed a problem related to the usage of the Camera API on this specific device in the SDK. Thank you for pointing that out.

Unfortunately i can't give you a quick fix for this problem, but the fix will be included in the upcoming SDK release version 3.1.


Is there a target date for the release of the 3.1 SDK?
I see this issue with a Google Nexus 10 device.


just wanted to let you know that we will schedule a maintenance release 3.0.1 for Android addressing this issue with Android tablets. Expect this release in the upcoming days.


Dear Philipp, 

is it possible to participate to the beta release? It would be important since the actual version is preventing us to publish our client.

Thanks in advance,

Valeria Sinnati.

I would not mind getting something before the official maintenance release either.

The maintenance release for the Android SDK is available now. Check our blog post here and download from the download section

Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. I do not see the issue anymore with the latest maintanance release.

I'm having the same problem but the application Wikitude. I'm using Wikitude 7.8


Hi Claudio,

We'll update the Wikitude Client in the next few weeks which will then also cover the rotation issue on some Android 4.x Tablets.

Kind regards,
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