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The fastest way to to get some random poi in AR?

The fastest way to to get some random poi in AR?

we are looking for the fastest way to see some (random) poi
within a phonegap app (iOS and Android) using ARchitect Engine.
The app will have different topics. One topic should be AR.
In this part we will show the Wikitude ability for potential customers.

The first point is to get the global position of the user and show e.g. 50 random around this position.

Next step is to show something like "Accommodations (Unterkünfte)" you have in your Wikitude App
only for demonstration...

We used the description "Phonegap plugin for Wikitude SDK" for iOS and did the setup (Cordova 2.7.0 and Wikitude SDK before SDK 3.0). The first goal was to see the HelloWorld example. Compling the app everything was fine. Starting the AR I got a white background with two buttons:
Close AR View, Hide AR View.
The debugger of Xcode said:
CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1
2013-07-10 09:26:26.715 App Failed to load webpage with error: (null)

Here are my questions:
Is the HelloWorld Example the right thing to start for this goal?
Is there a better example to show some random poi in AR?
Do you have an example to get the gobal position for random poi?
Is is possible to integrate "Accommodations" in a phonegap/Wikitude demo app?

Please give us a short feedback.


1) The HelloWorldExample should help you understand the combination of PhoneGap, the Wikitude Plugin and ARchitect Worlds. 

Regarding the Xcode log: Are you sure the right .html file is loaded on startup?


2) There is a whole example include in the SDK Examples application which ships with the Wikitude SDK. It's called 'Obtain Poi Data from Webservice'. It requests a specific number of pois from a server for a specific location. The response is a JSON string which represents pois at random locations around that location. The .js file is called 'poisFromWebservice.js'.


3) => See answer 2.


4) Of course you can integrate "Accommodation" pois into your PhoneGap application. All you have to do is obtain the poi data from a web service or a local js file (Again, for both ways we have created examples). After that, create a marker for your UI (We have also therefore some examples ('Point of Interest' section) and place them on the location that you have received from your JSON data.


Best regards

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