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Camera position relative to target ?

Camera position relative to target ?

Hi Fred!

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Wikitude SDK's functionality is JavaScript controlled. Coding of funcitonality is done in JS for cross platform support and executed in a single timeline. Requesting the mentioned matrix via JS is therefore not feasible. Requesting Matrix values via native Android/iOS/BB10 is not planned.

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In Wikitude SDK 3.0 we introduced out own IR solution, vuforia is no longer a module in our SDK

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PS.: For custom version of SDK (in urgent/large projects) please contact us directly.

I'm trying to determine the position of the image target (eg angles/distance or x,y,z in image target centric coordinates). I understand this information is available in Vuforia via the pose matrix (eg ) so:

1) How do I access the same information in wikitude? or

2) How to I access the vuforia matrix directly?

In theory I could get some of the information via the compass, but I don't want to rely on the existance of that sensor, particularly when the information is already available.
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