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Camera position relative to target ?

Camera position relative to target ?

I'm trying to determine the position of the image target (eg angles/distance or x,y,z in image target centric coordinates). I understand this information is available in Vuforia via the pose matrix (eg ) so:

1) How do I access the same information in wikitude? or

2) How to I access the vuforia matrix directly?

In theory I could get some of the information via the compass, but I don't want to rely on the existance of that sensor, particularly when the information is already available.

Hi Fred!

ad 1)
Wikitude SDK's functionality is JavaScript controlled. Coding of funcitonality is done in JS for cross platform support and executed in a single timeline. Requesting the mentioned matrix via JS is therefore not feasible. Requesting Matrix values via native Android/iOS/BB10 is not planned.

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In Wikitude SDK 3.0 we introduced out own IR solution, vuforia is no longer a module in our SDK

Kind regards,

PS.: For custom version of SDK (in urgent/large projects) please contact us directly.
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