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Test worlds stop working

Test worlds stop working

Hi all,

I have uploaded an ARML file containing 3 worlds each having a number of POIs.

I've set their status as 'Draft' for now to check if everything is ok and am using the keys provided on my mobile app to load and test them.

For almost a week they've loaded and worked well, but today they are not loading - when pressing on the world's icon app says Contacting server... Loading... and nothing happens.

Please note that since the file has been uploaded, it has not been modified in any way.

Is it a problem with the wikitude server (though other published worlds work well)?

Is there a 'time limit' on the developer keys that will make them work?

Is there a way to publish them but can only be accessed by a specific URL or code (i.e. published but private)?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Godfrey,

Could you please provide us with the details to your World (developer key, name, etc) so we can test this internally. Also please let us know where your test location is (lat, long) so we can use these lat, long values for testing.

Just send over the data via

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