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Help to include wikitude into titanium project

Help to include wikitude into titanium project

Here is the official Appcelerator documentation: How to install Titanium Modules.

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Ok i have installed the module only for my project , Titanium can found it and the Android version work fine but the iphone module give the same problem as before.

Hi Simone,
can you post the verbose log output of Titanium Studio so that we can see what the linker complains about?

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Hi chung,

Can you please tel me how to fix the ios error below. 



:  The following build commands failed:

:  Ld build/Debug-iphonesimulator/ normal i386

:  (1 failure)


Thanks in advance....


Seems like you are experiencing the same problem as listed futher up in the thread. Did you try any of the solutions given above?
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