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Disable animation on image recognition

Disable animation on image recognition


I'm integrating a modified SDK 3.0 sample into a big app in which I'm working.

When I detect whatever Trackable2DObject and show an ImageDrawable (for example, the surf table), this ImageDrawable appears from the z-index very slowly.

Is there any way to disable this animation?

Thanks in advance!

Hi There!

Please have a look into the js-file of the example. The class you want to disable is the AR.PropertyAnimation. This class defines the animation of a certain property (e.g. ImageDrawable or 3D model). What you can do now is remove the PropertyAnimation from the corresponding AR.Trackable2DObject.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for your response, Markus.

My JS code only contains this: 

var World = {

loaded: false,


init: function initFn() {




createOverlays: function createOverlaysFn() {

// Initialize Tracker

this.tracker = new AR.Tracker("assets/", {

onLoaded: this.worldLoaded



// Create overlay for page one

var imgOne = new AR.ImageResource("assets/redsys_marker_orange.png");

var overlayOne = new AR.ImageDrawable(imgOne, 0.5, {

   zorder: 0,

offsetX: -0.15,

offsetY: 0,

onClick: this.createClickTrigger



   var titleLabel = new AR.Label("Bus", 0.07, {

               zOrder: 1,

               offsetX: -0.15,

               offsetY: 0.04,

               style: {

                   textColor: '#FFFFFF',

                   fontStyle: AR.CONST.FONT_STYLE.BOLD




var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "002", {

drawables: {






createClickTrigger: function createClickTriggerFn() {

   document.location = "architectsdk://product?id=1236";



worldLoaded: function worldLoadedFn() {







As you see, there is no AR.PropertyAnimation class along this code. Anyway, a small animation succedeed *sometimes* when the target is discovered, and trackable object appears a bit slowly, slower than SDK 2 IMHO. It happens with some Trackable2DObject more than others.

FYI: Same question was already posted on github

Hi There!

I think what you are describing is the situation where your target image has not good characteristics concerning the ability to be tracked.

If that's possible in your scenario please consider adapting your target image according to our guidlines in the "Target Manager"-tool


Good image characteristics:

Diversely textured image with high local contrast.

Textured patches are distributed over large image area.

Bad image characteristics:

Large areas with solid color or smooth color transitions.

Repetitive patterns.

Only small textured area in image.


Hope that helps,


Well, I'm moving my efforts in that line. I'll comment my results.

Thanks, Markus!
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