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How to rotate an image over its own Y axis.

How to rotate an image over its own Y axis.


I'm trying to rotate an image over its own Y axis.

Te only code I can find which allows rotating on the y axis is this: 

new AR.PropertyAnimation(birdAnimDrawable, "heading", 0, 180, 2000);


However, that will only allow rotation over the origin (0, 0, 0).  I can rotate over the image's own z axis  by using "rotation", but I can't use rotation to rotate over the image's own y-axis.

How can I do this? 

Thanks, Daniel




Hi - have you checked the documentation on 3D transformations? Beside using heading you can also use tilt and roll.

Hi Philip, I hadn't seen that tutorial but the problem would remain the same.  I'm trying to rotate an image over its own axis after changing its offset, but your rotate/heading/roll functions will only rotate over the origin (0,0,0).  Is there a way to change the position axis of rotation? 


Unfortunately a rotation as such is currently not supported. I'll put it on the feature request list.

Thank you,

here is an image rotating application i have been using. but i don't know whether it supports rotating around x or y axis. but it is worth trying since it is working well on other images.

also new to image rotating, hope to get more help for other people.

Hi, gfdgf gfd gfd.

I also got some tutorials about how to deal with image rotation work. But I wonder whether the image rotating SDK allows users to customize its features according to our own favors. I am testing about the related projects these days. Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

I just wonder if this new feature is implemented now?

Is it implemented atleast by now? Wikitude support is avail ?

We will inform you when the feature is available.
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