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Reloading not working

Reloading not working

Dear Wikitude,

I'm not sure what the exact plan on the SDK was, but there are alot of failures till now, we've bought the license in the hope it would render better, but there are still major issues in this SDK.
Just initializing the ArchitectView and showing POI's work (but they jump around more heavily as on Android).

But when you leave the view, and completely restart the view, you can't even show POI's anymore. Exact same code, works first time, doesn't work second time.
We call a stop in the viewWillDisappear, clear cache, all. but the second time you come in the exact same view controller it won't show up anything, if you pop up alerts when rendering, it will tell you it's "showing" them all, but nothing is showing up. We even wrote our own Javascript methods to clear all the drawables and still, there is some internal caching that's not working well.. And it's really irritating because we're trying to get the app live. Android even gave up on development because the library is  barely working. Also same caching issue. and alot others..

Dear Wikitude,

We have figured out what the error is, but it's not in our hands to resolve it, that's why i'm posting the stuff we have calculated so you can fix it.
So, first time you load everything works, we have made a calculation from where the POi is from Distance to our own location, hardcoded.
BUT, the SECOND time ever you intiialize the Wikitude, even when you set it to nil in the dealloc. The calculation goes wrong, it ALWAYS returns 4981500 meters away. Even if we inject our own location to the wikitude, the calculation in the AR view still goes wrong, since it's actually rendering 4981500 meters away.

So here are our calculations.

var ourLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(51.213224 , 4.494442);

        var selectedGeoLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(jsonObject.Point.latitude,jsonObject.Point.longitude);

        alert(jsonObject.Point.latitude + ' ' + jsonObject.Point.longitude);

        var distance = ourLocation.distanceTo(selectedGeoLocation);

        var finalDistance;

if (distance > 1000) {

finalDistance = (distance/1000).toFixed(1) + ' km.';

} else {

finalDistance = distance.toFixed(0) + ' m.';




The first time the distance is correct, but the second time you load it, OUR calculation from the fixed distance is still correct, BUT the rendering when you use distanceToUser always returns the 4981500 distance.

So in theory, the distanceToUser always renders wrong from the second time you load it, so the POI's are also offscreen..

Any fix soon for this?


Same problem here:

When loading the first time: no problem

When loading the view a second time: the javascript function distanceToUser returns 4981500 for unknown reason.

Give us some support please

When I first made this topic we were using the latest (before update from yesterday). And what I posted today was from the newest SDK (3.0).
We are initializing a new one each time we go to the view (navigationcontroller structure), so each time we go to the view, a new one will be instantiated.
So it's completely brand new. And only second time it doesn't work.


When we disable the useInjectedLocation, it works properly, but we want the highest quality of Location determing possible so we use the InjectedLocation, so we update from our own location manager an location to the Architectview, and we validated this location and it is correct, because the labels we draw under the POI's have the correct distance (with our own calculations).
So in theory, the architectview just forgets that it should take our own location, even though we inject it each time the POI's should reload.

Please shed some light upon this.
Also the link on the website to the 3.0 API reference doesn't work, we can only get into the 2.0 API reference via google.

We just injected the location 4x after creating and then it works.. No idea how, but well, it does.


Which version of the SDK are you using?

Are you initializing a new instance of WTArchitectView everytime you're reentering the world?

Are you loading your world everytime you're reentering the view?

Have you tried running the SimplePoiBrowser sample project?


Best regards

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