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Models doesn't load when activity is relaunched

Models doesn't load when activity is relaunched

Hi Christophe!

This is in fact not expected behavior and maybe related to OS Version and device only. We'll have a look at this issue in soon published SDK version 2.1.

Meanwhile please try to clean the Wikitude SDK cache manually before entering the AR-Activity using

final String cacheDirAbsolutePath = ArchitectView.getCacheDirectoryAbsoluteFilePath( yourLauncherActivity );

and afterwards delete the whole directory.

Hope that helps,
Kind regards,

Hi :)

I had a new question about the Android version of the SDK. The 3d models seems to load very well on many phones,but some devices seems to have problems to reload 3d models.


I will tell you the problem :

I launch the app. Models loaded. Perfectly. I click "back" then I relaunch the app, then the models doesn't load and the "onError" event occurs.

Files are stored in assets folder.


I launch the app. Models loaded. I click "back" then I went to "Parameters > Process > Background Cache Process > Delete my app cache process". I relaunch the app. Models loaded.


Same problem occured with the SDK examples.

I tested this behavior on an Acer phone with Android 4.1


An idea about how to fix this bug ?
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