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Models doesn't load when activity is relaunched

Models doesn't load when activity is relaunched

Hi :)

I had a new question about the Android version of the SDK. The 3d models seems to load very well on many phones,but some devices seems to have problems to reload 3d models.


I will tell you the problem :

I launch the app. Models loaded. Perfectly. I click "back" then I relaunch the app, then the models doesn't load and the "onError" event occurs.

Files are stored in assets folder.


I launch the app. Models loaded. I click "back" then I went to "Parameters > Process > Background Cache Process > Delete my app cache process". I relaunch the app. Models loaded.


Same problem occured with the SDK examples.

I tested this behavior on an Acer phone with Android 4.1


An idea about how to fix this bug ?

Hi Christophe!

This is in fact not expected behavior and maybe related to OS Version and device only. We'll have a look at this issue in soon published SDK version 2.1.

Meanwhile please try to clean the Wikitude SDK cache manually before entering the AR-Activity using

final String cacheDirAbsolutePath = ArchitectView.getCacheDirectoryAbsoluteFilePath( yourLauncherActivity );

and afterwards delete the whole directory.

Hope that helps,
Kind regards,
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