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3D model rotation pivot

3D model rotation pivot

Dear Wikituders,

Currently me and my projectgroup on school are working on an AR-Application for android/iOS (  : phonegap). We want to animate a 3d figure but because animated 3d models are not yet supported we devided our figure in several 3d models: Head, torso, arms, legs. We positioned our models on the right places and now we want to "rotate" the arms.

Something like this:

If we try to do this with the rotate-option it rotates around the center of the model. This means the arms dont rotate around the shoulder, but they rotate around the middle of the arm. Is it possible to change the pivot point of the arm?

I hope someone can help us out.

With regards,


Hello René,

this is a nice hack for now :) For 3D models you can't set the anchor in the code. But you could do it this way: The rotation point is the center of the coordinate system. Just translate your object, the arm for example, in such a way that the shoulder is positioned in the center of your coordinate system of your modelling tool. Export and encode the model and you should get the proper result.

Just for your information: We are going to support animations in our next SDK update which will be released in the next couple of weeks (stay tuned).

Hello Christian,

Thanks alot for the help, this really helps us out!

Regarding the supported animations in the near future... I am afraid it will be to late for us since we got our deadline in +- 3 weeks. Nevertheless, it would be really nice to see that animations will be supported. Good job on that Wikitude! :)

With regards,


That's excellent news!  Animated 3D models was one of the major features that has been missing, and it will be really useful to have.

Will we be able to access individual joints in a skeleton, to control them programattically?  We're currently using Unity, and it's very nice being able to make the character turn their head to look at things.


With the next release we will support the animation of a model that is defined on the main timeline and in a second step we will support animation clips. You will be able to control the animation programmatically via animation id (play/stop/...).

In the near future you won't be able to access individual joints in a skeleton. Maybe your idea can be realized with animaiton clips as well. Might be a bit of a hack though in case the object the character is looking at is moving and you have to figure out in realtime where it is positioned ;)

With this next release (the one due out shortly), will we be able specify the start and end points of the animation?  That would allow us to have several animations all on the same timeline, which would be useful until multiple animations are supported.

Once multiple animations are added in a future release, will we be able to blend them?  This might give us enough control to do simple "looking around" type motions, or bones-based lip sync.

With the upcoming release multiple animations are supported which means animations on the main timeline of different objects within one model.

What you describe is what I meant with animation clips, where you specify a start and end point on the main animation timeline of a model. This feature is planned but it won't be a part of the upcoming release.

Blending is definitely an interesting feature. Are there any more features you would like to see in the future related to animations? We are very glad about any kind of feedback from our developers to provide the proper tools.
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