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I have the basic example running, now what can i do? (reposted)

I have the basic example running, now what can i do? (reposted)

Last week i posted this, since nobody answered i tried reposting it again:



Hi all!

I´ve installed eclipse, phonegap wikitude sdk and phonegap plugin.

Loaded the basic-example and get it working (i can launch the ar and close it, wikitude logo appears and the trial watermark, nothing else than that) but i got this errors:

05-16 13:14:56.087: E/SQLiteLog(2236): (14) cannot open file at line 30241 of


05-16 13:14:56.092: E/SQLiteLog(2236): (14) os_unix.c:30241: (2) open(/CachedGeoposition.db) - 

05-16 13:15:08.112: E/SensorManager(2236): thread start

05-16 13:15:09.512: E/libEGL(2236): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API

05-16 13:15:09.532: E/Web Console(2236): Uncaught ReferenceError: AR is not defined:1

05-16 13:15:34.367: E/libEGL(2236): call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)


ALSO i´ll like to ask if there is any step by step guide for newbies, as i said, i´ve completed the installation but i can´t figure out which are the steps to load my own poi-s for example.


thanks a lot for the help!!!!

Hi there!

Unfortunately there is no step by step guide on how to pass POI information from various sources but please have a look at our documentation section. We will extend samples soon, but in the meantime you have to read the manuals and documentation.

Kind regards,
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