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Aspect Ratio Issues

Aspect Ratio Issues

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I'm experiencing aspect ratio issues in ArchitectView. I do not really want to use fullscreen mode, so I've noticed, that the camera image is pretty deformed. If I decrease view height, it is even more visible. I've even tried to put it in fullscreen, but it still keeps deforming the image. I suspect that the software buttons (I have Nexus 4) are included in the computed height. The same issue affects all the examples. When I run SimpleARBrowserActivity, the image is also deformed compared to official Camera app. Is there anything I can do? This library is pretty pricey for this to happen (it shouldn't even happen when ActionBar is visible - the fullscreen mode seems to be a lazy workaround, but it does not work either), and we need to make it right for our customers. Thanks for any help!

Hi there,

ARchtectview in fact does not handle aspect ratio out of the box but scales up to the given space in your layout.
Upcoming SDK 2.1 will handle view-scaling better. In case you can't wait for some weeks to test it on new SDK you may use Android's Camera.Size, read its values upfront and then defina height/width of architectview according aspect ratio. You may center the view in your layout and define a background color of your parent view (e.g. black) which is shown when cam-aspect ratio does not fir display aspect-ratio.

Kind regards,
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