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Drawables translation along z axis

Drawables translation along z axis

Hey everyone,

I'm setting up a Scene with a 3D Model which activate an HTMLDrawable once clicked. I would set my drawable to place it above the model, so rotating the HtmlDrawable along x-axis, it's like having a POI html based. Is it possible? Actually the HtmlDrawable is correctly animated, but it's at the same z (height from ground) of my 3D Model.



3D Models are always rendered on top of the 2D content, which is a rendering decision we are making. Can you describe in detail what effect you want to achieve and maybe I will be able to suggest an alternative.

Hy Wolfgang,

the effect I want to achieve is the one you can see in the attached image.

Actually its (wrongly) realized setting the y offset of the drawable so, viewed in this perspective, seems to be corrctly on the top of the model.

But as you can see in the second image attached, viewing the scene by another perspective, makes the scene looks wrong, because obiously the drawable is not placed on the top of the model but only moved a little bit far from the model.

Thanks! (I'm investigating on Android back button and I'll reply asap in the other post).


got it! If the content of your marker does not change, or does not change often. I would suggest including it with the 3D model itself. If you wan to use the same marker with multiple 3d models you should export it as a separate 3d model and add both models to the trackable:

AR.Trackable2dObject(tracker, {drawables: {cam: }}); 

where e.g. building is your 3d model and marker is the marker for it.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks but the marker is intended to load a dynamic content, based on ( for example ) a web service to always give updated contents to my scene. For this reason the marker is an HtmlDrawable, so it can show a large variety of stuffs, like temporary events, without change the application and the AR scene itself.

Again, thanks you.
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